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Are Chapter 13 Plan Payments Tax Deductible?

Everyone loves saving money on their taxes, and Chapter 13 debtors are fully eligible to take certain tax deductions if their plan payments are comprised of deductible items. For instance, most 30-year home mortgages are not only front-loaded with interest payments,...

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Sued by Midland Funding? Follow These 2 Steps

Midland Funding, LLC is one of the nation's largest buyers of charged-off debt. When you default on your credit card or other personal loans, lenders will eventually charge-off the debt if they don't sue you first. Contrary to what you may think, when a lender charges...

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Why Saving for Retirement Pays in Bankruptcy

Besides being sound financial advice, maxing out your 401k or IRA contributions each year can be a boon if you run into financial trouble at some point during your prime earning years. If you want to invest in the stock or bond market, you have two options: invest in...

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Top 10 Questions About Bankruptcy

What Is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which a person who cannot pay their bills can get a fresh start and eliminate most of their past-due debts.  Filing bankruptcy immediately stops all of your creditors from seeking to collect debts from you,...

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Can I Discharge my Drunk Driving Debts in Bankruptcy?

So you got arrested for driving under the influence in Atlanta, hired an attorney, went to trial, and now owe a substantial fine or debt as a result of either a plea deal or a jury that found you guilty. Most of the time, bankruptcy can't wipe out this debt, but it...

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